How to start a blog (2021): It’s perfectly a New step by step tutorial.

Starting a blog is as simple as cooking Rice!

Most people don’t believe this Secret and feel it is very difficult to start a career in Blogging.

We will know How to Start a Blog and Earn a 5 Figure amount each month in today’s Post.

Let’s get started with the main steps to Start a blog.

  • Get a Domain and Hosting
  • Select a Niche
  • Choose a Blog platform and Install
  • Install a Theme and Plugins
  • Write your First Post
  • SEO: For Blog Success
  • Blogging Tips for Success

How do you start a blog for free?

Lets, Quickly Walkthrough the Simple Steps to Start a blog for free and Earn Money.

How to start a blog

Get Domain and Hosting – Step #1 How to start a blog 

What is Hosting?

A Blog is the Collection of many Important files in one place. 

So, to Store the Important files of your Blog, you need Web Hosting.

In other words, Hosting is just Storage in a Large server. Because buying the whole server may cost a lot.

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So, we Buy the Storage from a Large Server, and that is Hosting. 

We can easily Buy from the Below Referred Websites.

Pro Tip: As a Beginner, don’t choose cheap Hosting, Select the best.

To know more about the below-hosting providers, Please check this Post:  7 Best hosting for WordPress

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostgator
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Namecheap
  5. Dreamhost

Actionable Steps

  1. Go to the Bluehost Website.
 Photo of Bluehost Shared hosting Webpage
  1. Select the plan which is good for you, Complete the Payment.
  1. Set up your Domain

Most of the websites provide a free domain for 1 year.

Screenshot 2021 03 27 11 36 37 74
  1. You will navigate to Dashboard of Hosting Provider
Bluehost dashboard

Source: NeilPatel

  1. Now, You have Completed the setup of Hosting.

What is Domain?

The Domain is your Blog’s name and your blog Web address where people can find you.

Examples are,,

c9vePr0efl3UvoS259 Jmq7XQj 21Ghq0M35ycpSx3kDJW6cC0SbMxirpV5stY7V2IS m9kyu0Ac3re Dt3kdL oUz3iTIrizIo1fe7EPE7Ptb0OPoUT g7EpW3bPZC wAzoF pM

Like, is the address and name of my Website, and you can find me at this address.


So, as same, you also need to buy a Domain for your Blog.

How do I buy a Domain Name?

You can buy Domain from Websites like

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostgator
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Namecheap
  5. Dreamhost
  6. Shopify

Usually, Domain names end with .in, .com, .net, .Tech, .blog

These are also called Domain Extensions.

Every Extension of the Domain is different.

Each Extension will connect to the different types of Audience like .in Extension for Indian Audience

Refer to the below Image

CjOWJEeSRTjyNaGchDpFC31uh0PpF7S3GggYawDijpTMR3pGCVZqwLYNieRmzfsJhm Eo0aEd1HUP58tkiNNRff1zHWCO0 WDKGsz 31MO7oPp

Your desired name will come before the dot.

The Domain name which you select should be very Effective and you should think and get more ideas for the domain name.

You can use the help of these Below websites

  1. Business Name Generator
  2. Namelix

You can also select a domain on your name which looks Professional.

Also, the Domain should be Relevant to your Niche which we are going to learn in the next Step.

Most of the websites offer a free domain for 1 Year Bluehost is also offering 

These are the Steps to take for How to start a blog.

Select a Niche – Step #2 How to start a blog

What is a Blog Niche?

Niche is the Category of Content that you want to provide for your users.

You need to choose it before Starting your blog and There will be a Big Research beyond Niche Selection.

But, Let’s make the Research simple with the below Points.

Since there are a lot of Niches,

You need to choose the Best and Low competition Niche to make your blog successful.

Here is the Best Niches list for How to start a blog in 2021

Niches list

Simply, Answer these below questions yourself before choosing the Niche

  1. Are you Interested to create Content on this Topic?
  2. What is my Passion?
  3. Is my passion included in this Topic?
  4. Does this topic have an audience? 

( Simply, Head over to Google Trends and Make sure, the graph is High )

  1. How much Competition does the topic have?

( Navigate to Uber Suggest and type your Niche and It will tell you the competition of Your Niche )

Actionable Steps

  1. Make a List of all Niches that Interests you.
  1. Check their Demand and Competition and Sort the list.
Niche Search volume and Competition

As you can see, Competition is very high. So, In these kind of cases You have to take the niche and Create content on in depth topics like Sea Food, Fry Food, Etc.

So, these kind of sites which focus on In Depth topic in niche are called Niche sites or Blogs.

  1. Finalize a Niche and Research about It.
a photo of Niche research
  1. Improve knowledge about that Niche.
Knowledge on Niche
  1. Make some Content Ideas on that Niche.
Photo of Niche Ideas

Choose a Blog platform and Install

The blog platform is the place where you control your Blog.

There are several blog platforms but, the most popular are WordPress, Wix.

Choosing the right blog platform is up to you But, I will recommend using WordPress.

Let’s see How to Install WordPress:

Actionable Steps

  1. Open the Dashboard of Bluehost.
Bluehost dashboard

Source: NeilPatel

  1. Choose to Do it Yourself and Click on the Install WordPress
WordPress Installation

Source: NeilPatel

  1. Enter your Domain and Click on Check Domain
Check domain avaliablity

Source: NeilPatel

  1. Accept the Terms and Condition and click on Install Now
Terms and conditions check box accepting

Source: NeilPatel

Now, you have Successfully Installed WordPress and It also means that your wish How to start a blog is also completed.

Install a Theme and Plugins

To give your website a look, you need to Install a Theme.

Which will give your website a design that you love.

As you can Visit your website and you can see that your Website’s Look is not Good.

Now, you have to find a theme that perfectly fits your Website and you like.

There are many themes in the world, But, You should select the best one.

You should also need to create a logo for your blog which can be easily done by:

C2V5qfhSWTrU3GMqzFT30i 1rqFMZuZiSKf6Bfjo9mT6XNYhu1Bp5UBcAeH2i3DZfg6oJa9 itpCdKS1IWt8ZzUSwA5DN3EPA89L QAWKEpHcDCWHuQDVDyi7VTbJSFli5TW Jiy

The logo will make your blog Professional.

Lets, see how to Install a Theme:

Actionable Steps.

  1. Go to Appearance on the left side and Select Themes.
Appearance section in Wordpres Menu

Source: NeilPatel

  1. Then, By default WordPress offers some of the Themes. 
Searching for themes in WordPress

Source: NeilPatel

Or else you can upload manually by clicking on the Upload button

[ Tip: Use feature filter to get best results ]

  1. Click on the Install button to Install the Theme.
Click on Install button in WordPress

Source: NeilPatel

If you don’t like default free themes, You can use these sites to buy Premium themes:

  • Elegant themes
  • Thrive themes
  • Theme forest
  • Studiopress
  1. Now, you have your Desired design for your blog and Complete steps of query How to start a blog
  1. You can also customize your theme too. Check this below photo:
Click on Customize button

Source: NeilPatel

What are Plugins in WordPress?

Plugins are just like apps in our Mobiles. Which will make technical things of blog easily and great to dicuss in the query How to start a blog

So, you need to install some plugins which will help you a lot help you in how to start a blog

Check below plugins which you need to install if you want to make your Blog successful.

Must and Should Plugins for Every Blog and Very important step in query How to start a blog

  1. Rank Math or Yoast SEO

These plugins are SEO plugins.

Which will help you make Search engine optimization that Ranks your website top #1 in Google.

KoX4Csob8 xuCNEvu2 xue

That leads to Traffic which helps you make money from your blog and that makes your wish of query How to start a blog

a0PuXlhUXXN fMh9yRZ7VxIfWUqtHLqyrMeewmiITfwI P53FMjETccwMI8m Pb5wEH0fW GH6eo6UIM2W7zia4gKq 8BIYlmWVG BheFeEGtFoycAUaNi3MHJ7rErnjQ 5AvPln
  1. Wp forms

Wp forms help you create very important contact forms for basic steps of query How to start a blog

Kv22z E0Pf6ypg1eA JOAKyLUXxBp mkMGFtwyqnlufhVgGPb AdFUkKz7YnRxknsQqObaj QV2FWRzX92sYduQd51b6U9a5bctw 9Tid1BIfO5psguuqqCEaDCKpFjtOUBuvn67

Helps People to Contact you using that form.

  1. Monsterinsights

Monsterinsights will help you track Visitors, Impressions, Etc in Simple Software for your query How to start a blog

RPypTmwtKvfZOsQvRmSqTST3Orlnc GacbwfQ2TkTm7vbJPLhZ9JTpo
  1. Hellobar

Hellobar lets you collect emails from Visitors and Boost your Traffic

408lTN1GSHLXv cxUkMe9Q1a96wRygTJRgd7Ymuji6LcgTr0l4dOlh0PSH39UubIK7R7ZKGuD9pVervCt4JFzzD

After you collect emails, It will be easy to let people know when you release a new post it is like a Newsletter for free and Setup the steps of How to start a blog.

  1. Smush

Smush is an Image optimization Plugin that compresses your images and Makes your Load Time faster also helps you complete steps of query How to start a blog

EIQ5ITwLCNhoMQSKJdyDRwTLn2M2s1xv5ngSeyJJJEJXpyexCpc2fUlgnDn1XM2zVNpF7nyYb9VuLmL2G2icbK6ncYX9BTmM3eQfc6e3KYAQcCF 9VhPnDP7kN2TydCnRHRv1Zr

You need to Install it because Image Optimization is More important.

  1. Subscribers

Subscribers is a Push notification service website and helps you start with your query How to start a blog

WfiIqf fUwL98LvsjLqH1CLbanaY4SKWaFxwbAMcuuc 9ERLn4zzCAeoI7RDL3poAaltV76v7

Which is often more useful to engage your users.

  1. Wp rocket or Wp cache

Speed is the most important factor for blog success and fullfilment of query How to start a blog

6Jql2js7tmBhWKRKuw8K7s3PfZijHldzCGZvgNoZhlB7k9zh DAzQUxXP6wPd1n6P24qEbytdq4uW6Rr4PO kO5DQGLFlpPI89F5LW5cboOx8w EVsqRkBueQpBysX6QxY WJ5Kf

Speed might be slow when you many files on your website and These first steps of query How to start a blog

0icMWLdtwrzG0Mv 44LDX41HRp C6CxBgLYZFCsxnUCUiJYna3azpasZM90SVPC3U wU01HYHlSEi9gdI0zicwWeiLhuo81jBEwv mKTR

So, you need to Optimize your blog and Make your Load time Speed.

  1. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus will let you Backup and Restore your blog and Re-Use it when needed when youre getting started with question How to start a blog

Write your First Post

Writing your first post is the hardest part. 

But, Let’s go through some steps which make you Write Great posts Easily.

Here is the full guide to Writing Stunning SEO Blog posts

What is Keyword Research?

Keywords are phrases that are used to find content on Websites that are ranking in Google.

Keyword Research is the process of Finding good Keywords which have great opportunities to rank ok Google.

As you are starting you need to focus on only Long tail keywords.

Check the above-linked post to understand more about Long Tail keywords.

Follow these guides and Tutorials for Great practice.

Ahrefs keyword research playlist.

Backlinko Keyword Research Guide

Let’s, Make simple keyword research to make you understand.

To make keyword research you need Keyword research tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush

But, Ahrefs is a great tool for Beginners when youre at How to start a blog.

If you make any Advanced SEO And Google Ads you should choose SEMrush.

As both tools need a Premium subscription to access.

You can start a free trial with $7 for 7 days.

Ahrefs Pricing

Taking the Subscription will cost you more money when youre at How to start a blog.

So If you’re interested you can buy Group SEO tools from websites like 

  1. Tools Ninja
  2. ProSeotools
  1. Navigate to a Keyword research tool, In my case, I’m using Ahrefs.
Ahrefs Homepage
  1. Open Keywords Explorer, Generate Keyword ideas using 2 or 3 Seed Keywords.

A Seed keyword is a broad term related to your niche ( 1 to 2 Words )

Like, If My Niche is Fitness and Weight loss

  • Fitness
  • Weight Loss

So, these above terms will be my Seed keywords.

To generate keyword ideas Let’s, Enter the Seed keyword: Fitness and Weight Loss, 

Run the Search.

Search in keywords explorer
  1. I will go to the Phrase match report to see all Keywords.

You can see a Massive list of 2.4 Million keyword Ideas.

Keyword ideas in phrase match report, Ahrefs

If you observe them, you can see most of the keywords are Irrelevant.

Irrelevant keywords

So, we need to brainstorm a list of keywords that are Relevant to your Seeds.

Since we are talking about fitness and Weight loss, Some words come to mind for me are:

  • Diet
  • Bodybuilding
  • Training
  • Calorie
  • Dumbbells
Relevant keywords list

So, let’s go to the phrase match report and Filter our list of relevant keyword ideas.

To remove a lot of the Irrelevant keywords, Use the Include filter and Paste a comma separated list of Relevant keywords.

The comma separated list of relevant keywords

Now, we have a huge list of 56633 Relevant keywords.

Relevant keyword ideas in phrase match report in Ahrefs
  1. Now, we’ll use the Keyword difficulty ( KD ) filter to Sort the Low competition keywords becuase youre now at How to start a blog that means youre in begining

Better, We have a list of 1706 keyword ideas which are less competitive.

Low competition keyword ideas list

Now, you should manually analyze the top 10 sites and Sort the best keywords using SERP Feature.

You should analyze the Backlinks of Top ranking websites, find the chance where you can rank. 

Now, we have keywords to rank, 

Let’s learn how to write blog posts that get Traffic.

Content Writing and Blog post writing

To write a great Blog post, you need to know some Content writing Training and Tips to get started with the post and How to start a blog

Usually, it’s hard. 

Because, we need to satisfy Search engines and People.

So, Let’s make it Simple with the 6 Step formula in the process of How to start a blog in 2021

1. Write topics about people are searching for

Most people write about topics which they like, But that kind of post doesn’t have Traffic and Trend.

For this let’s take Backlinko which is owned by Brain Dean.

Because people search terms like:

How to Start a Blog successful?

or How to start a blog

But, People are not searching like 

How Braindean made his blog successful?

When you write about topics like the first example, Your Traffic will reach a spike of Hope.

Image of Traffic graph when you write about topics people are not searching for

Then, Your traffic will reach the flat line of Nope.

When you use these Strategy your traffic graph will look like this:

SEO traffic graph

You will get the opposite effect which will lead to Free, Consistent, Passive, Effective traffic.

To find topics worth creating content you need a Keyword research tool.

Check both boxes:

  • Search demand
  • Traffic Potential

Traffic potential is the traffic which you will get if you rank high for the Query.

In mycase, I’m using Ahrefs. It’s best if you use it too.

Lets, take an Example that we have DIY Home Improvement tutorials.

I’ll go to keywords explorer, Search for Some Keywords that are broadly related to Niche:

  • home improvement
  • kitchen
  • living room
Search in keywords explorer

So, as we can see Query has a great amount of Search demand in the Question report.

Keyword metrics in ahrefs keywords explorer

So, let’s check their SERP to analyze the traffic potential of the topic.

Yes, we can see that the Top ranking website is getting around 38000 each month from Google.

SERP of the query of DIY Home improvement site

So, this Topic checks our both Goals, Infact these steps also cover in Keyword research.

But, we also ensure to make while Content writing here too.

Now, we have a topic to write a blog post, but we don’t need to write whatever we want.

This leads to the 2nd Step.

2. Assess “type” of the Content google wants you to create

Google’s job is to deliver the most relevant result from the Websites.

If you want to rank content you need to know which Type of content Google will rank you for the Query.

You should follow these below steps which plays an important role in How to start a blog in 2021

Simply, this is called Search Intent:

Search Intent

It tells us about what searchers are looking about for the given Query.

The easiest way to find Search Intent is to just search for the Query you want to rank for.

And, look at the Top 10 search results and Look for these 3 C’s:

Checklist of 3C'S
  • Content Type
  • Blog posts
  • Product pages
  • Category pages
  • Landing pages
Content type of the query
  • Content Format
  • How-to-guides
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • List posts
  • Opinion editorials
  • Reviews
  • Comparisons
Content angle of the query
  • Content Angle
  • The unique selling point of top ranking pages.
  • Examples: From Scratch, Perfect, Fluffy, Etc
Content angle of the query

Actually, matching the 3C’s of the Content is very Important.

Examples of 3C'S

3. Create a Data-driven Outline

Create a data driven outline

Every work needs a Plan and Outline to do. So, taking that factor in this task too.

We have to create a Data-driven Outline,

Which makes us cover the Main Aspects of the Topics, SEO Factors, Clear flow, Etc.

So, this outline will help a lot rather than writing a post without Outline.

This is from my own Experience.

From, SEO Perspective it will satisfy search engines and help you rank higher in Google.

  •  So, for that we need to Include similar subtopics that are Top 10 sites are covering.
  • To find similar subtopics, Take the Top Ranking sites and find similar Subtopics and Note them.
Common subtopics
  • Another thing, You can use the Content gap tool and Find the most relevant subtopics.
content gap tool search
  • But, don’t try to forcefully add the uncommon subtopics, If you find worth adding make sure to add to Outline of your content like How to start a blog

4. Create a click worthy headline

Headline is important, Because it makes people look as unique as possible from your Competitor.

So, you should Focus on your Headline.

Let’s learn how to create good Headlines:

Buzzsumo Study, How to write a blog post, Use Coschedule Headline Analyzer 

Create a click worthy Headline
  • Headlines that start with these proven phrases are performing well on the Internet.
  • Focus on writing your Headline between 12 to 18 Words, Longer headlines get more clicks.
  • Use Brackets, Parentheses
Headline click-through rate with brackets and Without brackets

Source: Backlinko

  • Add Emotional words and Phrases in the process of Defining query like you’re that is How to start a blog

In this way, you can write better Headlines to grab more visitors and increase your CTR.

I hope you liked the Strategies which I also used for my query that How to start a blog too.

5. Write Killer intro using the AIDA Formula

The introduction is the most essential piece of your blog post.

Which makes the Job to Connect you with the User and Engage in your Post.

Luckily, You have a Tried and Tested formula called AIDA:

AIDA formula description
  • A – Attention
  • I – Interest
  • D – Desire
  • A – Action

First line is dedicated to Attention, 

Let’s write something like: 

This line must should include words and phrase that increases reader’s Attention

This breaks the common belief that Reader might have and that grabs their attention ansd solve thier query like which you have like How to start a blog

Second line is dedicated to Interest,

You should include terms and phrases which Interests the readers using Stories, Case studies, Etc

This line adds an Interesting fact that communicates,

A)They will feel unique by doing themselves

B) They’ll save a Ton of money

Now, you have to show a Proof to prove that you can solve their problem.

Third line is dedicated to Desire,

So, you should write this line which increase their desire and make them Read the total post

Fourth line Dedicated to Action,

This can be done in the form of Transitional sentences or Table of Contents like:

“ Let’s get started ”

AIDA formula in action

Check this Videos for More Guidance:

As we are talking about Writing an SEO Optimized Blog post, You can write it on Your own.

Or you can Outsource to Freelancers using freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork, Freelancer.

If you’re writing on your own please follow the below tips.

Which will make you write Awesome blog posts in the part of How to start a blog

Tips for Writing Awesome Blog post

Check out these Guides

  1. How to write blog posts that Get traffic
  1. Blog post writing tutorial from Ahrefs
  1. Ahrefs Youtube channel 
  1. Backlinko Youtube channel
  1. Check some Content writing and SEO Blog post writing posts in Backlinko and Ahrefs.
  1. Ahrefs Content Marketing Playlist

These above-recommended blogs are Great blogs to learn SEO which will help you rank No 1 in Google.

Also help in the processes of How to start a blog.

We will talk about it in further discussion.

SEO: For Blog Success

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is called SEO. 

Mainly SEO has some Rules and Tasks to make on your Website to satisfy search engines like Google.

Check out the below-given Resources to understand more about SEO.

When you search for any query, You can see the top 10 results.

Google Search results for "seo in 2021"

The website which is in the 1st position is Perfectly optimized for SEO.

So, you also need to Optimize to get your blog in 1st position.

Blog and Website are Similar, Please Don’t confuse.

Blogs give information, whereas Websites give Multiple kinds of help like Information, Services, Tools, Etc.

Let’s raise the question, 

Why do you need SEO?

You need SEO to Optimize your Blog for Search engines which will make you Rank higher in Google.

And drives the Most amount of Traffic and then traffic helps you make money out of your Blog and solve your query that is How to start a blog with:

  • Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Courses
  • Products
  • Etc

Traffic means Visitors or Users.

So, You need to learn SEO to get Organic Traffic, or Else you can get Paid traffic using Google Ads.

Google search ads example for query "affiliate marketing

There are multiple resources to learn SEO for Free from the Internet and Youtube

For that, You need to follow Top SEO Experts in the Industry using Social networks like:

According to their Social Media performance

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • Facebook

Here are the top SEO Experts to follow

  • Brain dean
  • Neil Patel
  • Cyrus Sheperd
  • Joshua Hardwick
  • Matt Cutts

Here are the top SEO Blogs to follow

SEO might take definitely 6 months to 1 Year time to get ranked in Search engines.

So, Please don’t expect Quick results.

Explore these SEO Resources for Success

Ahrefs SEO Course and SEO Tips, Channel.

Backlinko SEO Tutorial and Advance SEO Tutorials


It’s your turn to Answer a simple question.

Have you started your blog, If yes what is your Niche?

If you face any trouble with How to start a blog, Let me know in the Comments section below.

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